Admin/ Teacher Profiles


General Manager : Ms. Carrie Rach

At Kid Castle our goal is to provide the best possible teaching and learning environment in which are students can know that they are accepted, feel safe and take risks with their learning. We desire that are students enjoy the learning process and that they develop a positive attitude  toward learning, becoming lifelong learners. With this in mind, we encourage students to be active learners, involved with, and taking responsibility for, their own learning . Thank you for your considering Kid Castle International School as your endeavors to fully prepare your child for a competitive multicultural world.

Head of the School : Mr. Justin Menzies 

At Kid Castle International School, we celebrate internationalism and the uniqueness of each of our national is represented among our students and staff. In partnership with parents, we strive to equip our students with 21st century skills, skills that will enable them to thrive, exercise leadership, achieve ambitious goals, and make a positive difference in an increasingly globalized world. These skills are essential for their future , whether it is today or 10 years from now. On our passionate, dedicated and highly trained staff challenges teach our students to reach his or her individual potential .

On behalf of Kid Castle International School, i invite you to come and explore our school. We welcome the opportunity to share with you the delight that comes in joining the caring and committed learning community that is represented at Kid Castle International .