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2016 – 2017 New Academic Year

2016/2017 New Academic year is fast approaching. Our new school year is almost here!  We are looking forward to our fourth year in operation.  We have made some big changes at the school.  We have gotten some fresh new faces on our teaching staff.  We have expanded our primary school till the fourth grade and we are currently renovating all classrooms to make every room more

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Closing Ceremony 2015/2016

The closing ceremony at Kidcastle was a huge success, nothing could stop our kids from giving their parents the best performance they could. We had an amazing variety of performances from songs, plays, gymnastics routines and dances. All the children worked so hard over the past few months preparing their performances.  From learning their lines, songs and dances to preparing their props. All of

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Kid Castle is getting really excited for our 2016 Summer Program. We have enthusiastic teachers who are ready for some summer fun. We are putting together amazing and fun activities for all ages. Our goal is for every child to take away positive memories from our program.